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?Sina Finance and economics news on February 24, a screenshot of wechat chat about the dissolution of stock investment business by Ping an asset management was widely circulated recently. The head of Ping An said today that asset managementpk10百分之百计划网 business is one of the core businesses of Ping An, and it is Ping An's consistent principle to maintain the sustainable and healthy development of asset management business. According to the content disclosed in this wechat chat screenshot of Ping an asset management's dissolution of stock investment business, all the active equity investment business departments of Ping an asset management will be dissolved, the payment business will be transferred to Ping An Dahua in the future, and the group capital will be transferred to AI passive investment in the future. The relevant head of Ping An said that asset management business is one of the core businesses of Ping An, and maintaining the sustainable and healthy development of asset management business is the consistent principle of Ping An. Ping an asset management company is one of many investment platforms of Ping An in China. In order to adapt to the changes of market environment, upgrading, reform and adjustment of internal organization and management are normal work. Some institutional analysts said that Ping an asset management did adjust its investment strategy. At present, it is expected to increase outsourcing, increase quantification and reduce active intervention in stock investment. This has no effect on the report. Ping An stock investment has been outsourcing in recent years, and its scale is not small. Direct investment and entrusted investment are the same in statement. According to the analyst, the impact of this adjustment on Ping An itself is also very limited. This adjustment is the adjustment of the company's investment strategy, which may not be better or worse. It can only be said that there is some uncertainty.